I’m Mark – nice to meet you.

When not helping teams deliver software on-time and in-budget, I’m working (trying to work?) modern-day alchemy in the kitchen, or being pwned in a variety of online venues.


I started my professional career as a software engineer, but found the client interactions to be far more interesting and fun than writing code. It still took me eight years to transition to from web application development (back in the day…) to 100% project management, which happened in 2006. Since then, I’ve managed a broad swath of technology projects (professional services, product development, data migration, data center relocation, digital advertising, SEO, et al.) across an equally broad swath of industries (IT, Media, Cybersecurity, Banking). I’ve worked with so many different people in so many different ways (in so many different time zones!) that whatever your goals and challenges, I’ve seen something pretty similar, and have value to add.


These days, when I’m not helping my teams succeed, you can find me in the kitchen cooking, or at my gaming rig, usually getting stomped in PvP, or just chilling away from the players that would kill me.

Over the years, I’ve worked on a variety of recipes; I can execute pretty well, but I do have my short list of homegrown delish that I would love to share with all of you.

I’ll also provide some idle musings on gaming, and the games that I play. I usually try to commit to “gittin’ gud” at just a few games, but I’m in an interesting place of being between “mains” right now. More to come…